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The First Community-Driven Meme Token Evolving in the Metaverse

BullyPit is the First Community-Driven Meme Token Evolving in the Metaverse.

BullyPit wants to create fun, utility and evolve as the First Metaverse Meme Token on Binance Smart Chain.

BullyPit is waiting for its believers to Launch the rocket to BullyVerse. We want to create fun, utility NFT and wealth for users through amazing features.

Every BullyNFT has a Benefit.

I am a Winner.
I have come to Overtake.
I'm going from Kingdoms to Nations and to States of the Planet “Earth”.
I come from the Metaphysical World where I Live.
I come to your world to conquer and bring you back to my Universe, BullyVerse for a newer Civilization.
They will come with me, join the BullyBand!


BullyVerse is the BullyPit Kingdom.

A be-functional platform that will allow the community to mint, stake BullyPit NFT and yield $BPT while listing and trading their Art work on the Marketplace.

The Community will receive 80% of the profit generated from BullyVerse as incentives drop.

A pre-announcement will always be made in the community before the event. 20% will be held in the BullyVerse marketing wallet for further integration and development.

BullyBand is BullyPits' Army, a free to access, open community for all crypto enthusiasts, to discuss, and write articlereviews and podcasts on BullyPit for rewards.

The BullyBand reward allocation will be set out over the lock allocation for marketing.

BullyPit NFT is a collection of 10,000 unique BullyPit Characters living on the Binance Smart Chain.

Every BullyNFT comes with a unique staking power which cannot be reduced and we will be working to implement an upgrade to the staking power via what we call “blending”.

This blending will combine 2 NFTs of same staking power and mint a new BullyNFT with double the blended NFTs with 15% increase in the result.

More information and guide will be passed to the Community.

BullyNFTs will be available for trading on existing marketplace on Binance Smart Chain before our Marketplace goes live.

All presale buyers will receive a unique BullyPit Meme NFT.

It grants early buyers a whitelist to BullyNFTs which comes with a 12% discount in minting price.

BullyPit Meme NFT owners won’t be able to sell or transfer as this is a one time whitelist for current and coming events in the project.

BullyPit NFT will come with different staking powers and can be staked to earn passively. The staking power never diminishes. Which others call fixed APY.

BullyNFTs staking will not only reward in BullyPit tokens but we will be implementing other use cases which will keep the NFTs price on the rise.


To Implement a SocialFi decentralized feature where we will encourage content creators to sign up and submit their content to teach BullypitBand, the best and most viewed content gets rewarded.

The mode of reward is in development and we will announce the final decisions.

Every view will come with a point and the points conversion rate is what we are yet to determine.

Viewers also earn via trivia and quizzes set up by the creators.

Creators will be able to proBullyPit wants to be the centre of attraction for most crypto newbies.

Educating, teaching, and giving awards to top scholars to socially empower crypto adoption.

BullyCryptoCenter will focus on educating the Crypto Community and powering social networking for passive income.

  • It aims to provide free Crypto-related courses such as Introduction to NFTs, what is Defi, the difference between Decentralized finance and centralized finance, What is DAO, the Fundamentals of Rebase mechanism. These are a few of the courses to be available on the learn to earn platform. There will be a quiz after every course which is to reward every active and following reader of the courses. The courses will be free and if the need arises to pay for the courses, BullyPit marketing wallet will cover that.
  • Mote their content to reach more viewers with BullyPit tokens and such a token is burnt forever.


BullyPit is set to make the world a better place to live via our educational feature. We want to encourage and build a better future starting today. BullyPit is the way forward for a newer civilization of crypto adopters. The true holders!

Functions and Spillage

Auto Liquidity:3%
Auto Burn:2%
Buying and Selling Spillage:8%

Sale Information

IDO Platform: PinkSale
Tokens for Sale: 150,000,000,000 ( 15%)
Softcap: 25 BNB
Initial Liquidity: 10% of Total Supply will be pooled with 70% of funds allocated from Pre-sale.
Remaining 30% will be targeted towards promotion and project growth.

Stage 1
Launch and Community Building
  • Teams’ KYC Certificate Release
  • Community Building & Social Campaign
  • Website Launch
  • Contract Creation and Verification
  • Presale Marketing
Stage 2
Presale Launch & Community Growth
  • Presale Whitelist Program
  • Presale
  • Listing and Locking for 10 Years
  • Listing on CoinRanking: CMC and Coingecko
  • Community Growth Marketing: Shilling &, Meme Contest
  • Giving out Testers Spots to the Community. 10 Max
Stage 3
  • BullyNFT Minting and Staking Contract Deployment
  • Token Contract Audit and Staking Contract Audit
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Creating BullyPit Staking Pools on Partners' Platforms to Earn Multiple Rewards
Stage 4
Further Development
  • Testing of BullyCryptoCenter
  • Release of the first 10 Educational Courses for Public Access
  • Fully Launching the BullyCryptoCenter
  • Implementing Wallet Connect Features and room to submit contents on BullyCryptocenter
  • Further developments to be implemented
  • Roadmap, Website and White Paper to be updated as we grow.

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The community will receive 80% of the profit generated from BullyVerse as incentives drop. A pre-announcement will always be made in the community before the event. 20% will be held in the BullyVerse marketing wallet for further integration and development.